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The Fenty Beauty Highlighter Palette From Their Holiday Collection Is RiRi's Glowiest Gift To Us Yet

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Is it too early to start obsessing over holiday beauty collections? Considering we haven't even hit Halloween yet, I'd normally refrain from being this hyped up, but after seeing the Fenty Beauty highlighter palette from the brand's holiday collection, my wig has been snatched and my chill has disappeared for good. No, really, it's that beautiful and if it's any indication of what the rest of the collection will be like, then I need more time to prepare, because Fenty is about to hit us with some luxe glittery goodness like you wouldn't believe.

After surprising us with the launch of four new shades of the already-iconic Stunna Lip Paint ($24, just last week, I was in no way expecting buzz about Fenty Beauty's holiday collection to start so soon. Give me a second to catch my breath, RiRi, there are too many products taking my breath away and I can't keep up! TBH, it wasn't Rihanna who revealed the alleged holiday sneak peak, though in fact, it was none other than @trendmood1, an Instagram account run by Sophie Shab that's known for consistently having its finger on the pulse of the beauty world in terms of news, product releases, and drama.

In her sneak peak of the alleged new release, Shab doesn't mention the name of the palette, but notes that it will launch in October as part of Fenty's holiday line:

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Okay, wow. The seven-pan, octagonal palette features a variety of shades from a frosty white to a brilliant blue, and I need to swatch them all ASAP. A few look similar to shades that currently exist in the Killawatt lineup the white slightly resembles the new Diamond Bomb ($38,, and the purple and pink shades remind me of the Killawatt Foil Highlighter Duo in shade "7daywknd/poolside" ($36, from the summer collection but even if a few turn out to be repeats, there's definitely quite a bit of newness to behold as well. One example is that glittery red shade, which, when I look at the palette's packaging, starts to serve me serious volcano-glam vibes. Is volcano-glam a thing? It would be so RiRi to make volcano-glam a thing.

Thank you, Rihanna, for making it your personal mission to keep our beauty game as on point as it can possibly be. We're not worthy!

"Take my money," reads one comment on the Instagram post, with many others excitedly discussing their eagerness to see swatches. While tons of creatives saw the potential in such a palette, there were a few naysayers who weren't thrilled about the variety of non-neutral shades.

"I hate all the weird colored highlighters omg where are normal everyday shades smh," said one disappointed commentor. Another agreed: "Even if its a highlighter pallete, it'd be better served as an eyeshadow pallete cause half those colours wouldnt look good on the cheekbones."

What to do if you're a fan of the brand but aren't loving these statement shades? Don't stress! Fenty has quite a few neutral highlighters the Killawatt Highlighter in "Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby" ($34, is a must that works on all skin tones so if this new launch is a little too wild for your taste, you can definitely indulge in other products instead of being disappointed about the new launch. Plus, we've got an entire holiday collection coming to accompany this one palette, and you're practically guaranteed to like something else.

As for me personally, I think this palette is a bomb product for Fenty's holiday line, and I can't wait to get creative and use these shades all over my face and eyes, regardless of the haters. I predict that the 2018 holiday season will be one of glittery, glowing highlights, and thanks to Rihanna, we're already off to a great start.

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